specialty coffee


About Us

Sourcing Quality

We source the highest quality specialty coffee from Indonesia. Our desire is to put the "wow" into Indonesian coffee. We currently have a number of offerings from West Java, Sumatra, and plan to expand to Flores, Sulawesi, Papua, and Bali.

Farmers First

We desire to compensate coffee farmers equitably. Five Two Coffee will also work with farmers and their families to improve quality of life, quality of their land and farming techniques, and ensure that we offer our buyers the best quality coffee that can be sourced in Indonesia. 

Our Background

Chris and Nicole have lived in many coffee producing countries such as India, Ethiopia, and now Indonesia. We were successful in launching a lean-startup in India called Coffeewala Roasters which is now owned and run by our Indian partner. Chris is a licensed Q-Grader, as well as SCI certified in Sensory and Coffee Processing.